​How to choose a web hosting provider

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There are 3 large parametres to check:

  • Performances
  • Fonctionnalities
  • The support

1. The hosting performances

The feeling of speed of the site can depend on many things: your internet connection, the heaviness of the site, the scripts, the speed of your computer etc. etc. In order to manage the performances, it is necessary to constantly monitor the site to check:

  • Its response time
  • Its availability (no service interruption)

The best thing is that the hosting company provides monitoring tools, in addition to statistics. However, you can also use external services such as:

2. The hosting Features

One of the essential functions is the backup. Indeed, an update of a plugin or the core can sometimes lead to a break of service. Must therefore :

  • or simple and effective backup / recovery tools (taking a backup via FTP / phpmyadmin can quickly be very tedious). In this case, it is essential to take the measures BEFORE making any modifications on the site
  • or automated backup tools, provided they have a high retention and frequency. Having to do a restoration at 24 hours may mean losing orders or modifications made

Some other tools :

  • Access to logs in real time: essential to debug a problem on a plugin or other
  • monitoring: make sure your site is always available to your visitors
  • Simplicity of management: an overly complex control panel can quickly waste time

3. The technical support: the nerve of war

Even if your support is said to be "worpdress specialist" "joomla guru" "drupal support", too often any question to the support of your hosting will end in "you can contact a professional developer to look at the specific configuration of your website and further assisting you in such development issues are beyond the scope of our support ".

Although so-called specialist, the support will send you 3/4 of the time to a developer / webmaster, without providing an explanation based on logs that could help the developer, if the concern is well on this side. And very often, the plugin developer will tell you "my plugin works on all installations, thank you to see with your developer and / or disable one by one the plugins to find the source of the conflict" and / or "thank you to see with your hosting provider".

There follows a fierce ping pong game, wasting valuable time.

Here is an article here of an example of an open ticket to a support called "worpdress friendly": wordpress site, with two languages, managed by wpml, with a domain name by language, and all in httpS.

Alcanix solutions

It is with these disastrous experiences that we can today provide a service based on knowledge of CMS and hosting. We have developed automated backup tools to prevent any unfortunate update of the plugin, allowing a file restoration at a precise time, for a total retention of 30 days!

Our vision is to simplify the management of your site. Do not waste time and keep your goal first: keep the website fast and available for visitors!


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