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Today, we'll speak about building a new website, an e-commerce web, but with some interesting options :

The needs

2 Mains needs :

  • The first need was to create an art gallery, where any final customer can buy some pieces of art, but hiding price for evident reason of confidentiality.
  • Another important need was to light on the drawings, sculptures etc.

The answer

First of all, the CMS. Customer already used Wordpress, so, the choice was quite obvious. We'll use Wordpress !

  1. E-commerce : there is no real alternative to woocommerce : this is the "official" e-commerce plugin for wordpress. The plugin itself is not as powerfull as some CMS specialized in e-commerce, like Prestashop or Magento, but with some extra plugins, it can be a real alternative very powerful.
  2. How to manage prices ? We used some plugin from in order to :
    1. Hide the prices
    2. Make a quotation system to let our customer decide the price policy instead of an automatic one
  3. How to light on the drawings ?
    1. We build a home page with random works of art, like a physical gallery would be with temporal expositions
    2. On detail page, we added an option to have a great zoom, for a better view of details.

The other options

  1. English / spanish : WPLM is the best option for a multilingual website under Wordpress
  2. We added security layer to prevent most of the current attacks
  3. As any E-commerce, a SSL certificate is better, for security and SEO
  4. Additional plugins for woocommerce as filters based on tags / prices / categories
  5. We added some blog plugins for an better user experience (disqus - Get new posts by e-mails - social shares etc..)

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And finally, we are hosting and managing the website, to ensure that website will be fast enough for final user, and to prevent any attack, maintaning up-to-date the website, core system and plugins.




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